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food fit = low-carb + good sweetness

During the COVID19 period lockdown, mom and I wanted to get fitter. We embraced the low-carb + low sugar diet (we prefer this over keto) and SWITCHED to keto friendly breads, spreads and ice creams which had lower carbs and non blood sugar spiking natural sweeteners.

We lost weight (she is in her 70s), we had ice-cream and bread but it wasn't... CHEATING. Losing or maintaining weight is 70-80% about what we eat.
We look forward to sharing other keto friendly food options like kaya, cheeses and more soon. Please email me if you know of anyone creating great keto friendly food.

be food fit,



  • Harith Iskandar

    Perfect for the health conscious

  • Khine Pwint Phyu

    Guilty free, low sodium healthy choice for me and my children. In addition coconut flavour is so delicious. Highly recommended

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  • Sabrina Beneett, Miss Malaysia 2014

    The Coconut ice cream is incredible! Now I can't wait to try the other flavours

  • Skantha

    Excellent ice cream! Coffee is my favourite and good choice I made. Thank you and I'm enjoying it now slowly and relishing every teaspoon. I'm very fussy, so this is a compliment! :)

  • Neal Q Estavillo

    Thank you for the quick response and delivery. Well-received. Both pints finished in 24 hours. Next order very soon!

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